Abbi + Callen // Adventurous Couple’s Anniversary Session in Zion National Park.

I “internet met” Abbi almost a year ago through an online photography community. It’s crazy how much you can get to know someone without having met them before. We both share a love for photography, adventure and travel, so we instantly hit it off (if hitting it off is a thing you can do online). We’ve chatted often ever since, and Eric and I were so thrilled to meet up with her and her husband in Zion National Park last week!

These two are the real deal. This past month, they sold well over half their belongings, packed the rest in their Subaru, signed their last rent check and dedicated the next however many years to a life of travel, photography and adventure on the road. No address, no mortgage, no expectations or responsibilities besides their photography commitments, just two beautiful souls living out their calling and passion. I admire these two for a lot of reasons, but primarily their faith, their love and commitment to each other, and their dedication to their craft.

As we were sitting outside on the patio on a gorgeous Utah night drinking Dr. Pepper, eating pizza and having some of the best conversation I’ve had in a long time after a day of adventuring, I realized how blessed I am by this job. A year ago, I NEVER would’ve guessed I would be in the Utah desert, shooting a gorgeous couple who loves Jesus and lives a life full of adventure. I’m forever thankful for all these new friends and adventures this job has brought me.

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What a dreamy place for this couple to explore for their engagement photos! I love the sandy warm tones of these that make them feel like stills out of an old film. My favorite photos are the ones with that canyon wall behind- so simple, yet breathtaking!

Aww what a sweet session! I love that location… I need to go there now. haha

Rachel Rooney

OH my goodness. These are stunning!

I’ve been following your work and this is absolutely lovely! Gah, I love those Southwest, dreamy red tones. *insert heart eye emoji*

Love the location, so special. Great session, they must be so pleased with their photos.

Talk about a beautiful couple. This location ain’t shabby either!! 😉 Such a great session. And the color grading you used on these is so filmy and warm!

Really .. just wow.. So gorgeous. You did an amazing job. The colors and feeling are just spectacular. What a happy couple they must be to have any amazing photographer like you.

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