Earthy Outdoor Wedding at Orchard Ridge Farms | Jackie + James

I’m not sure where to begin with these two, so I’ll just start at the beginning. I had a consult with Jackie and James not too long before their wedding. It was one of those conversations where we INSTANTLY clicked and felt as if we’d all known each other our entire lives! One of the things Jackie and James said they were looking for in their wedding photos was being able to remember how the day felt. Of course I got pretty wide eyed because capturing how a day feels, not just how it looks, is one of my main goals for every wedding I show up to with my camera. Their genuine love for each other was so apparent during our short one hour conversation and I knew their wedding day would be so full of love. And it was.

Jackie and James created a new family this day, and their sweet little boy was a huge part of their wedding. He’s probably the sweetest kiddo ever (not to mention the most handsome) and during his first look with momma I about lost it (I cried a record amount of times during this wedding.. thank goodness my camera is giant and black and my face fits behind it perfectly).

I got an email about a month before their wedding day from James; no Jackie attached to the email. He told me he had a little something special planned for the reception he wanted to have documented but he wanted to keep it a secret until the wedding day. Jackie and James are music lovers, but both self-professed non-musicians. However, James had been taking guitar lessons secretly over a handful of months to play a song just for his new bride. During the reception, he got up and told a story about a song that was so important to them. Jackie was in teary disbelief as James began to strum his guitar and serenade her with that very song. A chair was set out in the middle of the dance floor for Jackie to sit and listen, but she only sat for a few seconds before standing up right in front of her groom and sang with him. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room (including mine) as James sung his heart out to his biggest fan. There were so many details that made this moment even more beautiful, but I’ll keep those between Jackie and James and their closest friends and family.

Here’s a few of my favorite moments from this gorgeous outdoor wedding day.


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