Maci + Trenton // Intimate In-Home Session

Walking into Maci + Trenton’s humble abode in the country is like stepping back into the 70s.. an eclectic blend of Cat Stevens records, blooming succulents and all the best orange and red patterns. But their keen sense for design isn’t what draws me to these images.. it’s the flirty way they pull each other close and the look in her eyes when he holds her close to him. So much love between these two.

Towards the end of the session, I asked them both to write down a few things they loved and admired about the other (inspired by Ben Sasso). After a few minutes, they sat close and read them to each other. These moments are exactly what couple’s sessions are about. Not the cheesy poses or manufactured moments, but documenting the real love between two souls in love.

Check out the video from their session here.


Kristen Kaiser is a central Illinois (Peoria) based engagement, elopement and wedding photographer specializing in authentic, intimate imagery for adventurous couples who are wildly in love. Based in the midwest, travels often.


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