Oh hey!! I’m so stoked you’re here!

First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for visiting this page because it either means that a. you’re interested in learning and growing as an artist and a business owner or b. you’re bored and you find browsing around my website as a source of entertainment. Either way, kudos to you!

When I was starting out in photography, it was NOT easy. I had no idea what gear I needed, or how to use it properly, and there’s only so much you can google! I know it isn’t always easy to reach out to other photographers and that’s one of the main reasons I’m so passionate about helping photographers.

Photography is a competitive industry, yes, but it doesn’t have to be. I believe there’s enough room for everyone at the top which is why I’m a HUGE advocate for sharing what I’ve learned over the past couple years in order to move this beautiful industry forward as a whole!

BASIC // 300

+ 1 hour coffee or FaceTime/screen share date
+ One-on-one session with Kristen Kaiser
+ Q&A style

The basic session is Q&A style, meaning we’ll tailor your session according to you and what you want to focus on! If you’re local, we’ll meet up for coffee or a beer to chat. Whether you’re on the other side of town or the world, we can make it happen! The majority of my mentoring sessions are with out of towners, so no worries if you’re not local.. we’ll set up a FaceTime/screen share and you’ll be golden. Topics for Q&A range from camera & lens advice, the business side of things, editing, posing and directing, social media, branding/marketing, attracting your ideal client, website/portfolio review, you name it! Nothing’s off-limits! This session is ideal for out of town photographers, beginners, and those wanting to focus on either editing or other specific areas relating to photography.


+ 3 hour session
+ One-on-one session with Kristen Kaiser
+ Full live session
+ Q&A style

The complete session includes everything in the basic session, except we take it a few steps further! We’ll actually go through the entire session process, with a real couple for our models! We’ll start with coffee or a beer, chat for a bit, then head to our session. We’ll both be shooting, but I’ll go through every part of the process with you along the way! After the session, we’ll grab more coffee or beer (pick your poison), and go over editing and more Q&A! This session is ideal for local photographers who are comfortable shooting in manual mode (for the most part!), photographers who want to focus on posing and directing and/or editing, and experienced photographers who are interested in improving their skills overall.

If you’re not quite ready for a one-on-one mentoring session but would still like to learn and be inspired, click here to join an online community of photographers who are there to share, support and be encouraged!