You’re likely going to spent more time with ME on your wedding day than with your spouse…

      While that sounds unbelievable, it turns out to be true on most wedding days. So what’s arguably more important than choosing a photographer with an incredible portfolio, is choosing someone you actually like and want to spend your day with!

      I get it. Getting your photos taken is awkward (maybe this is photographer blaspheme, but I abhor having my photo taken). You feel the pressure of a lens in front of you and all the sudden you freeze and forget what you normally do with your hands. That’s where I come in. I promise you I’ll help make your entire experience as comfortable as possible. We’ll listen to music, laugh, hang out, I’ll tell dorky dad jokes, and make you look your best all while having an amazing time. And you know all those little quirks and nuances that make your relationship uniquely yours? We’ll capture all of that.

      I’d love to chat with you:

      “Working with Kristen is a dream. She is the most incredible human who cares deeply about the couples she works with. From the moment she stepped foot onto our wedding venue, everything was effortless, fun and relaxing. She was by far my favorite person to work with on our wedding day because she kept my husband and I laughing all day and allowed us to slow down through all the crazy to just enjoy time together as a newly married couple.”
      “In the end, you HAVE to pick a photographer whose work moves you. Speaks to you. Someone you can get along with. Someone who will be a friend. And I know that person will be different for everyone. But for me, I couldn’t have found a more perfect soul to accompany us on the beginning of this adventure. I will be forever grateful.”