I’m Kristen. I’m a lifelong midwesterner from Illinois who is sarcastic, has endless love for the outdoors, and loves connecting with new people. Three years ago I married the quirkiest and most wonderful human being I’ve ever met. When we’re not shooting weddings together, we LOVE to travel and explore new places. Some of my favorite things in the world are rewatching The Office, ginger in any form, music, being barefoot, watching the sun rise and set, and anything outdoors.

I started shooting on a trip to Colorado and fell in love with the way the sunlight caresses the side of a mountain before it sets. Being in nature is where I believe we are our truest selves. It’s where we are free, wild, and at peace. I’m forever inspired by the way the wind sweeps through a bride’s hair as she laughs without a care in the world and a groom who’s completely unaware of the pouring rain around them that’s ruining his suit because he’s transfixed on the beauty of his new bride.

Eric and I met over 10 years ago

And I definitely rejected him via Facebook messenger the first time he asked me out


My marriage is the other piece to my inspiration. Because your spouse is more than just your spouse. They are your friend, your confidant, your enemy (at times), your lover, your playmate, your comfort, your safety, your joy and your whole heart. I believe marriage is one of the most beautifully complex relationships on this earth and all the little quirks and nuances that make two people’s relationship uniquely theirs is what I want to capture.

A few of my favorite things

stormy days + Michael Scott + traveling + loud laughers + road trips + oldies music + camping + fruit + henna + trail running + mountains + open spaces + ginger

If you’re still on the fence about what it’s like to work with us or aren’t sure of how we’d vibe together, here’s a podcast interview I think will help!

Travel Dates


January 7-9 // Birmingham, AL

February 4-5 // Iowa City, IA

March 4-5 // Los Angeles, CA

March 6-7 // Yosemite Valley, CA

March 8 // Big Sur, CA

March 9-11 // Joshua Tree, CA

March 18 + 19 // Kalamazoo, MI

April 13-16 // Sedona, AZ

May 26-31 // Seattle, WA

June 1-4 // Portland, OR

June 5-9 // Olympia, WA

June 10-11 // Galena, IL

July 24-25 // Milwaukee, WI

September 2-4 // Indianapolis

September 7-8 // Chicago

September 15-17 // St. Louis

September 29-31 // St. Louis

October 11-15 // Dallas, TX

October 20-22 // Scandia, KS

November 4 // Baraboo, WI

December 8-10 // Chicago


February 22-25 // Houston, TX

March 3 // Chicago

March 9-11 // Chicago

April 7-8 // Fort Wayne, IN

April 20-28 // Moab, UT

May 5 // Chicago

May 13-22 // Santorini, Greece

June 29-31 // Chicago

July 6-8 // St. Louis

July 21 // Chicago

August 24-26 // Traverse City, MI

August 30 – September 4 // Cleveland, OH

September 21-23 // Wilton, IA

September 26-29 // Chicago

October 5-7 // Chicago

October 12-14 // Chicago

November 3-5 // Chicago

November 8-18 // Moab, UT


January 4-6 // Chicago

January 28-30 // Chicago