We desire something more.

      We are both searching for something passionate, meaningful, unique, full of adventure and beauty. The norm is not enough for us because we are not normal. We have experiences, dreams, relationships and desires that are incredibly unique and have shaped us into who we are. You’re striving for this incredible moment in your lives to be captured with grace by someone who understands you and genuinely cares about your legacy. Your souls are longing for meaning and for that meaning to be captured in a beautiful, authentic way. We want that too.

      We also have similar beliefs. We believe that a beautiful aesthetic cannot overshadow the love of those closest to you and a breathtaking landscape doesn’t take away from celebrating with someone who takes your breath away. That there’s a balance between convention and the truly unique, tears of laugher and of letting go, posed and unposed, light and shadows.

      More than just beautiful art, we value experience above all. An experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime with images to reflect on those moments. We know finding someone to trust with one of the most meaningful days of your lives is no easy feat, but we are here for you. To guide you, celebrate with you and be by your side as you embark on this journey together.


      MY STORY

      I’m a lifelong midwesterner from Illinois who has endless love for the outdoors and loves connecting with new people. Five years ago I married the quirkiest and most wonderful human being I’ve ever met. Soon after we formed a partnership and started documenting couples together. We travel often but always come home to our peaceful small town in Illinois surrounded by cornfields on every side. When we’re not shooting weddings together, we LOVE to travel and explore new places. Some of my favorite things in the world are rewatching The Office, ginger in any form, music, being barefoot, practicing henna, watching the sun rise and set, and anything outdoors.

      I started shooting on a trip to Colorado and fell in love with the way the sunlight caresses the side of a mountain before it sets. Being in nature is where I believe we are our truest selves. It’s where we are free, wild, and at peace. My marriage is the other piece to my inspiration. Because your spouse is more than just your spouse. They are your friend, your confidant, your enemy (at times), your lover, your playmate, your comfort, your safety, your joy and your whole heart. I believe marriage is one of the most beautifully complex relationships on this earth and all the little quirks and nuances that make two people’s relationship uniquely theirs is what I want to capture.


      Scroll through to meet your team members and find out how they’re each working to better serve you.

      KRISTEN | Owner & Lead Photographer

      Let's be honest. Wedding days are STRESSFUL. But I believe they don't have to be. I know you have your girl pack, but I want you to think of me as another bridesmaid. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on after you see yourself in the mirror in your dress, someone to give you a pep talk before you walk down the aisle, or a dance partner after everyone's had a few too many, I'm your girl!

      I'll be your go-to contact throughout the planning process. Any contact you have before the wedding day will be with me, so get excited for lots of exclamation marks in your inbox! I also will be your photographer for all engagement and portrait sessions. A few other roles I play are content creator, social media manager, website developer, business strategizer, bookkeeper and far more than I can fit in this little box.

      It's so great to meet you!

      ERIC | Co-Owner & Secondary Photographer

      Hey, guys! I'm Eric, otherwise known as Kristen's tall bearded husband/photography partner/carrier of all the things on wedding days. I've worked in construction for over a decade so if you would've told me a few years ago I'd be photographing weddings, I would've laughed. But I watched and supported my wife create an incredible business and joined her shortly after.

      On wedding days, I'll be shooting alongside Kristen and getting all kinds of different angles for you guys. Because Kristen can't be in two places at once, I'm able to capture a lot that she otherwise wouldn't be able to. While Kristen is busy with the girls, I'll likely be with the groom and his crew. I know that getting your photo taken while you're trying to get ready is straight up awkward. No way around it. But I promise I'll knock out portraits so you can get back to chilling before you head out to the ceremony.

      I honestly couldn't imagine a better way to spend my weekends than working alongside my talented wife and I can't wait to share your day with you!

      ELIZABETH | Digital Content Manager

      I'm Elizabeth! You probably haven't heard my name much because I play a behind-the-scenes role as the Digital Content Manager for Kristen Kaiser, but I'd like to think the office couldn't function without me. I help manage creative content, workflow, social media strategy as well as client deliverables for the studio. I'm passionate about business, iced coffee and perfectly organized day planners. You probably won't have too much face time with me throughout your process working with Kristen, but I can't wait for you to meet her and I'm so glad you're here!

      BLU | The Favorite

      I'm pretty sure I'm the creative inspiration behind all the images you've seen here. My mom and dad are kind of obsessed with me so as the most important team member, I thought it was only fair they introduced me to you as well.


      If you’re still on the fence about whether or not we’d vibe well together, take a listen a recent podcast interview we did to get to know us a little better!

      We love getting to know you, so it’s only fair you get to know us! Our personal blog is updated as much as possible to give you a peek into our lives.

      We'd love to hear from you.