Being in nature is where I believe we are our truest selves. It’s where we are free, wild, and at peace. My marriage is the other piece to my inspiration. Because your spouse is more than just your spouse. They are your friend, your confidant, your enemy (at times), your lover, your playmate, your comfort, your safety, your joy and your whole heart. I believe marriage is one of the most beautifully complex relationships on this earth and all the little quirks and nuances that make two people’s relationship uniquely theirs is what I want to capture.

      Some of my favorite things in the world are rewatching The Office, ginger in any form, music, being barefoot, practicing henna, watching the sun rise and set, and anything outdoors.

      I’d love to chat with you:

      “Working with Kristen and Eric is a dream. They are the most incredible humans who care deeply about the couples they work with. From the moment they stepped foot onto our wedding venue, everything was effortless, fun and relaxing. They were by far my favorite people to work with on our wedding day because they kept my husband and I laughing all day and allowed us to slow down through all the crazy to just enjoy time together as a newly married couple.”
      “In the end, you HAVE to pick a photographer whose work moves you. Speaks to you. Someone you can get along with. Someone who will be a friend. And I know that person will be different for everyone. But for me, I couldn’t have found two more perfect souls to accompany us on the beginning of this adventure. I will be forever grateful.”