I’ve been keeping this a secret for a few weeks now but I’m so excited to announce that our team is now three wide, and Elizabeth now works as a Digital Content Manager for Kristen Kaiser, LLC!

      I never dreamed that when I bought a $300 camera (D90s all the way) three years ago my business would grow to the point where I’d need to hire team members. But I’m feeling so incredibly blessed today to have Elizabeth join our team, and for all our other contractors that work with our business throughout the year!

      Elizabeth is coming on board as our virtual Digital Content Manager and will have her hand in studio management, social media management, and overseeing my schedules so I can focus more on serving my couples and growing our business. Which has me positively giddy.

      A quick note for you entrepreneurs out there: hiring is SCARY, I get it. We’ve spent countless hours building our business, carefully crafting our brand, and caring for our clients. Our business becomes our baby. And the idea of outsourcing any part of what we’ve built can be TERRIFYING. Why would you allow someone else to work in your business when you’re capable of doing the work yourself? This year has taught me that it’s OKAY to let others into the business you’ve built if you’re so caught up in the day to day grind that you no longer have time to work towards the bigger vision and goals of your business.

      Part of this hire was identifying areas in my business where I was struggling and where my weaknesses led to spending my time in unproductive ways. The old stereotype of creatives being unorganized couldn’t be more true over here. I’ve had the chance to implement some amazing systems in order to stay on the ball, but I knew I needed to fill that void with someone who color codes their planners and has every day planned out for 6 months in advance. And that’s Elizabeth! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her.

      Psssst does she look familiar? Some of you know this, but YES, she’s my sister! The fact that I’m able to provide my sister with a job and work side by side with her has me feeling so blessed this morning. So, friends, if you have a moment this morning, I’d LOVE it if you’d welcome her to the team!!!