After a couple months of 14 hour days (including working all hours of the weekend), I am SO thrilled to announce that our new website is LIVE today!!

      You’ll have to explore for yourself but I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite parts about the new site!

      One of my visions for our new website was creating a page that was full of information for newly engaged couples. This was something I always wanted to have on my old site, so I’m beyond excited for this page! It covers our beliefs about wedding photography, our process, and answers a TON of questions I frequently get asked by our couples.

      Another page I’m stoked about is our About. We go deep on this page about our philosophy as well, but I also love how we lay out the roles of each team member so you know who does what exactly!

      We ditched our curated portfolio for this launch! I was nervous about this one, but after seeing it finished, I couldn’t be more happy. Rather than showcasing all our most “epic” photos from the years on our portfolio, we’re sharing our favorite moments throughout wedding days. There’s so many goodies in there.

      I think our Kind Words page is my favorite. When I finally starting creating this page, I had to sit back in my office chair and hold back a few tears of gratitude reading through all the lives we’ve touched through photography. Forever grateful we’ve had a chance to meet these incredible humans.

      Our blog is one of my main focuses for this season! I’ll be sharing posts on education, travel, our latest work and personal stories as well.

      I honestly feel like breaking out the champagne at 2p today because I am so happy to see the finished product after months of hard work! I’d love to know what you guys think. And I give you permission to break out the champagne with me as well. Cheers, friends!