Let’s start from the beginning: how did you meet?
      Kevin and I met at Bradley University– he was a senior Theatre Production major, and I was a freshman Theatre Performance major. We first met at a set build for one of the shows I was in.
      Which one of you asked the other out first?
      Honestly, it just sort of happened. I think technically I asked him out first though. I can say confidently at least that I had a crush on him first!
      How long did you date before the proposal?
      A little over 5 1/2 years! It was well worth the wait though.
      Let’s hear the proposal story!
      Last November Kevin surprised me with a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland so I could fulfill a dream of mine to see the Northern Lights. We didn’t see them the first night we were there, but the second night we saw them everywhere. A tour guide took a group of us out to the top of a mountain away from the city so we could see them better, and once we were there, Kevin pulled me away from the group and got down on one knee in the snow!
      What’s been your favorite part of wedding planning so far?
      So far, my favorite part has been wedding dress shopping and seeing all of the beautiful wedding venues out there. Trying to pick one was a completely different story, but I liked touring the spaces and thinking about the possibilities in each one. Kevin says his favorite part is just the fact that we’re planning our wedding. He seems to be way less stressed about this whole thing than me.
      What’s been your least favorite part of wedding planning so far?
      Picking a venue! You really can’t do much until you lock that down and Kevin and I felt like we were late to the party trying to get a fall Saturday date for 2018. Picking a venue was way more stressful than either of us anticipated.
      Let’s hear about your vision for your wedding day! Style, vibe, location.. anything!
      We are having our wedding in a renovated industrial building and are going for a more moody, Tim Burton vibe. So dark, but with a touch of whimsy. We want lots of greenery, string lights, and a donut wall!
      What are you most looking forward to when it comes to the wedding day?
      Other than finally becoming husband and wife, we are very much looking forward to that donut wall 🙂 Our favorite donuts in Chicago are from Firecakes, so we really wanted to have those at our wedding. We are donut crazy, so this was first thing on the list once we got engaged.
      Anything else you’d like to share?
      Even though wedding planning has been pretty stressful so far, we are amazed at how everything is coming together. For example, I was a bit nervous scheduling outdoor engagement pictures for late January, but crazily enough it ended up being 45 degrees out. Not only that but we got some killer fog on top of it! Everything just came together perfectly– and if that is any indication to how the rest of this wedding process will go, I’ll be one happy lady.


      Killed it again – love your work, Kristen! Also, this fog is bomb, and I’m so jealous. 👏🏻

      I love everything about this shoot. so good!!!